Restoring neuronal function by protecting microtubules
Breakthrough anti-depressant drugs
A novel therapeutic era in neurology

Top 10 Innovation

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The DEPSTER project, entirely initiated and piloted by MAPREG, was designed to bring revolution to the treatment of Depressive Disorders. It was ranked 6th at the European level and was awarded an EUREKA / EUROSTARS grant.

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Orphan drug status

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Based on its impressive preclinical efficacy and safety, MAP4343 received the european orphan drug status to treat Spinal Cord Injuries, a rare but dreadful situation devoid of any medical solution.

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Prestigious supports

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MAPREG investors trust our technology; their support helps us raise grants for each of our developments.

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Meet us at ECNP Oct 18-21, Berlin
Meet us at ECNP Oct 18-21, Berlin
  • 26 sept, 2014
Dr Nicolas Froger will be presenting the complete set of data that account for the preclinical proof of efficacy of MAP4343 in animal models of... Read more
Job Offer
Job Offer
  • 01 sept, 2014
Pharmacologist in neurobiology... Read more
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