MAPREG is a privately held company.
Shareholders include its founders, business angels/family offices and institutional investors.

To date MAPREG has raised a total 10,7 milions Euros equity with a 100% leverage effect (about 10 millions Euros of research supports among which OSEO/BPI, US Army, Eureka/European Grant and Credit Impot Recherche).

MAPREG is currently leading a B round for financing its Proof of Concept Phase 2 trials in Resistant Depression and Alcohol Addiction, launched in T1 2019.


OSEO (now called BPI), the French public bank for innovation, granted 2 successive financial supports to help MAPREG complete the preclinical package of its lead compound.
The US ARMY supported the proof of concept in Traumatic brain Injuries with two successive grants.
The EUROPEAN COMMUNITY ranked our DEPSTER project 6th out of all competitive application. Thanks to this grant we made the proof that our drug candidate is a novel-, safe-, fast-acting antidepressant drug.

CHU Bicêtre, Batiment Pincus, 80 rue du général Leclerc, 94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France.