Where we stand

Where we stand

neuronesMAPREG rescues damaged neuronal function with drugs that specifically stimulate  the neuronal microtubules: a groundbreaking biological approach.

Alterations in Microtubules, including changes in their composition, function and excitotoxic-induced degradation, are at the heart of the main pathophysiological phenomena associated with traumatic injuries, psychiatric disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and stroke.

MAPREG concept consists in stimulating MAP2 with highly specific drug candidates, derived from PREG, to protect and/or regenerate altered neuronal microtubules, thus enabling the neurons to preserve or to recover their architecture, to function and work together. This mechanism has been proven pivotal yet unexplored for a healthy neuronal function.

MAPREG applies this innovative medical strategy for treating several neuronal pathologies:

MAP4343, our lead drug candidate, is proved safe in human beings (successful human Phase 1). Preclinical Animal studies ascertain robust neuro-protective, neuro-regenerative and anti-depressive properties. Tubulin modifications is a biomarker of its action.


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